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Legal Representation for Complex High Net Worth Divorce Cases

High-asset divorces typically involve assets in excess of one million dollars. When choosing to end a marriage in divorce, there is a lot of stake for individuals with high net worth. It is important to hire an Austin high-asset divorce lawyer who has distinct experience dealing with high-asset divorces.

The Law Firm of T. Wade Jefferies can advise you on the unique high asset issues that are common to these kinds of divorce cases. As a trusted high-asset divorce attorney, I understand the complexities of property division and alimony matters in these nuanced cases.

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An Experienced Austin-Based Attorney Who Is Ready to Help You Through Your High-Asset Divorce

It can take a lot more time and effort to navigate divorce proceedings involving substantial assets. Attempting to hurry the divorce process in Austin can result in hasty decisions you may regret later. Failing to uncover hidden assets can diminish your settlement and leave you without assets that are rightfully yours once your divorce has been finalized. 

The Law Firm of T. Wade Jefferies can help you focus on the ultimate goal of making sure you are financially protected.

I can help with assets issues involving:

One of the main issues and sources of disagreement in many high-asset divorces is categorizing property and assets as either community property or separate property. I can help you safeguard your personal wealth and protect your fair share of the marital assets so that you can move forward to the next chapter of your life without worrying about financial security in the future.

Can My Spouse Make Me Pay Their Divorce Attorney Fees in Texas?

Yes, in Texas, a judge may order one spouse to pay the other's divorce attorney fees in certain circumstances. The Texas judge will consider the financial status of both parties and may order the higher-earning spouse to pay the other spouse's fees if they make more money than the other. 

The judge may also consider if one spouse has made the divorce more difficult or costly, such as hiding assets, not complying with discovery requests, or defying the judge's orders.

Can My Spouse Take My Inheritance in a Divorce in Texas?

An inheritance received during the marriage in Texas is generally not up for grabs in a divorce. Since Texas is a community property state, most assets are split equitably during a divorce. However, inheritances are considered separate property, not marital property, and are not subject to division. 

Highly Skilled Attorney in Austin Ensuring Accurate Asset Valuation

One of the biggest challenges in high-asset divorces is evaluating the assets. The Law Firm of T. Wade Jefferies will use thorough investigation and analytical techniques to find and value all marital property. I also work with forensic accounting experts, certified valuation analysts, and other professionals as needed to accurately value all assets to ensure a fair property division.

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Why Hire The Law Firm of T. Wade Jefferies?

  • Empathetic Approach
    We have been exactly where you are and because of that, I can offer empathy and help in a way that is unique and solution-oriented.
  • Accounting Background
    When it comes to high stakes litigation, having counsel with an accounting background, skilled and experienced in litigation, and who understands how businesses operate and should be valued, is a significant asset.
  • Personalized Representation
    We value treating every client like family. Personal trust and relatability are the hallmarks of any good attorney-client relationship.