Civil Litigation Attorney in Austin

Hard-Hitting Legal Representation for Individuals and Businesses in Austin & the Surrounding Areas

First and foremost, our lead lawyer is a litigation attorney who provides effective representation to individuals and businesses in a wide variety of legal disputes. I routinely handle cases of all sizes, from relatively minor disputes to complex litigation matters. Every client receives high-quality representation and personal attention.

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Representing Your Best Interests in and Out of Court

Facing litigation can be overwhelming, especially when there is a lot at stake - either personally or professionally.  It is rarely wise for a litigant to attempt to represent themselves or to skimp on representation – you need an attorney with the right knowledge and experience to resolve your dispute, and always fight for your best interests.

Well Equipped to Handle a Wide Varity of Civil Suits in Texas

I represent the interests of clients in:

  • Construction disputes
  • Consumer claims
  • Property disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Insurance disputes
  • Professional malpractice
  • Partnership disputes
  • Negligence and injury cases

Working Tirelessly to Reach the Best Possible Outcome for Your Case

My goal is always to put you in the best position to achieve a positive outcome. When you choose The Law Firm of T. Wade Jefferies, you can count on:

  • A thorough review of your case.
  • A full break down of the process and answers to your questions.  
  • Legal advice and support so you can make informed decisions.
  • Keeping you informed and updated on the status of your case from start to finish.

Well-Versed in the Law & Court Procedures

As a dedicated civil litigator based in Austin, I am proud to represent clients in Texas state and federal courts.  I am experienced in court practice and procedures and am comfortable and effective in the courtroom—fighting hard to ensure that you get the results you seek.

If you are seeking an experienced civil litigation attorney in Austin to represent you in court, call (512) 379-6274 for the legal advice you need. 

Why Hire The Law Firm of T. Wade Jefferies?

  • Empathetic Approach
    We have been exactly where you are and because of that, I can offer empathy and help in a way that is unique and solution-oriented.
  • Accounting Background
    When it comes to high stakes litigation, having counsel with an accounting background, skilled and experienced in litigation, and who understands how businesses operate and should be valued, is a significant asset.
  • Personalized Representation
    We value treating every client like family. Personal trust and relatability are the hallmarks of any good attorney-client relationship.